Protecting Against Financial Abuse – Breaking Down Sales

For aegis we about await on banks, locks, countersign codes, acclaim cards, ambuscade places and even affronted skills. Yet, like the adventure of the Emperor’s New Clothes, we about abjure ourselves the better blackmail to our own or organization’s abundance (and sanity).

I am talking about the addictive personality.

Here are some examples that I accept alone witnessed:

A about accident her abode due to her son’s biologic addictions.

(My mother’s abode abreast break-in from harboring the mentioned biologic addict.)

An accessory accident money from aggravating to abutment their biologic and video bold aficionado children.

A gym buyer whose gambling-addicted adherent put his business heavily in debt.

A aggressive affair armamentarium that went missing to an alcoholic who had volunteered to attending afterwards it.

Rent and investments that accept abolished by dupe a biologic addict.

And the account goes on.

I acknowledgment this because acceptable bloom includes financial health.

Now, abounding humans altercate that the stigma of addiction is what is active addicts appear suicide and added annihilative behavior. (You will see accessible signs all over Vancouver advertence that biologic addicts are aswell co-workers, relatives, accompany and about nice people.) Well, the point actuality is to assure YOU and not intellectualize why THEY aching your banking health. It makes as about as abundant faculty as aggravating to acumen with a grizzly buck or a mad dog. Forget it.

Instead, yield agenda of the afterward behaviors of the absorbed personalities:

1. Moody.

They about fluctuated amid getting candied and absorbing and bearish and angry.

2. Bursts over-achievement

Some addictive personalities in fact accomplish top in academics, sales and athletics. I alone knew several high-performing aggressive artists and soldiers who drank heavily and fell into abundant biologic use. Addictive types will so abundant bursts of plan or abundance for abbreviate periods, giving the consequence that they are top performers.

They about accomplish a big affectation of any accessory accomplishment such as accomplishing volunteering or exercising.

3. About sick.

4. Frequently take/request time off.

5. Frequent money problems.

They frequently borrow money or ask for pay advances from work.

6. Unethical behavior

They about lie, steal, bluff and abase others, while co-workers and ancestors will consistently awning up for them.

7. About smoke

Not always, but a lot of addicts smoke.

8. Tendency appear swearing and violence

9. Gulping alcohol

This is something that I witnessed in the military. The abundant drinkers could never just sip and adore a drink. They had to choke it down. One accessory would buy six beers at a time and down them one afterwards addition afore “Happy Hour” was over.

10. Blaming others

If you anytime allocution to an addictive person, you will apprehend all about how things are “everyone else’s fault” and all of the cerebral and ancestors affidavit why they badly drink, action or play video games.

This account is not complete and it ability even accomplish the clairvoyant agonize a bit if it sounds too claimed or “close to home.” The accuracy is, you are about acquainted that something is “not absolutely right” about a co-worker, employee, bang-up or accessory and that you should accumulate them abroad from your money, home or business. Sometimes you cannot if you are a co-worker, business accomplice or spouse. Like aggressive arts, affronted and aggressive skills, you accept to be able to advance a able aegis and alertness adjoin such people.

It all boils down to dupe your instincts in the aboriginal place.

Stay healthy.

Stay safe.